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In today’s rapidly changing, competitive business environment, every organization is facing the challenge of “doing more with less”. IntegrityFirst Solutions can help your business meet this challenge by combining our proven content management technical skills and experience with ECM technologies to deliver solutions that solve real business problems and add value to your organization.

If you are currently using ECM technologies, IntegrityFirst Solutions can help leverage your investment through a wide range of technology-based services including solution designs, new implementations, upgrades, migrations, application development and system enhancements, systems integration, training and skills transfer as well as on-going support.

If your organization is looking to solve a new business problem or address a compliance mandate, IntegrityFirst Solutions has the analytical, technical and project management competencies to identify your business and technical requirements, design a “solution blueprint” and successfully implement an ECM solution that meets your organization’s needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.

IntegrityFirst Solutions can apply proven technical skills and experience across a wide range of IBM ECM and FileNet technologies to transform software products into business solutions for your organization in the following areas:

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  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Document Capture
  • Document Management
  • Business Process Management
  • eForms Management

Enterprise Content Management Solutions enable businesses to capture, store, manage, integrate and deliver various forms of content across their organization. Email, office documents, correspondence, paper documents, forms, computer reports and Web content are all examples of information that can be more effectively and efficiently managed with ECM systems.

Document Capture Systems enhance business processes by electronically collecting the content contained in documents and forms, transforming it into accurate, retrievable information, and delivering it to an IBM or FileNet repository. Whether the information is on paper or in electronic files, it can be captured, indexed and managed electronically as the first steps in automating the management of content and streamlining business processes across an organization.

Document Management Solutions help ensure that documents are accurate, up-to-date and available throughout their complete lifecycle - from creation, reviews and approval to archiving and disposal. Standard library and lifecycle functions such as check-in/out, search, and versioning are provided to facilitate document sharing and distribution throughout an organization.

Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions enhance the flow of work and content by streamlining, automating and optimizing business processes. By removing time, steps, and physical interactions with business content, organizations improve the pace of their operations and enable their knowledgeable workers to make timely, informed decisions.

eForms Management Solutions automate the capture, processing and management of information provided via user-friendly, online forms. eForms help reduce data entry time, improve data accuracy and can initiate automated business processes that improve organizational responsiveness and customer service while reducing operating costs.

eMail Management and Discovery Solutions enable organizations to archive, search, discover and eventually dispose of Email, attachments and instant messages as well as shared files in either a Lotus Notes or a Microsoft® Outlook/Exchange environment. Automated capture and classification capabilities facilitate achieving compliance mandates and enable in-house, ad-hoc discovery of business content.

Report Management Solutions transform costly, high-volume print output into electronic information that can be grouped, distributed and presented electronically which reduces operational costs and optimizes storage management. Bills, invoices and statements can be delivered electronically in order to improve customer service and enable records management of key financial information.

Records Management Solutions capture, categorize, store and eventually dispose of electronic and physical records according to fiscal, legal and regulatory requirements. They help organizations streamline processes and automate user and administrator activities throughout the record lifecycle, and enforce centralized policy management for file plans, retention schedules, legal holds and auditing.

Collaboration Solutions enable people to author and share ideas and content, and work together on documents and projects. Business content is classified and categorized enabling users to find relevant information across multiple repositories, while revision control facilitates efficient sharing and easier adherence to records management rules.

  • eMail Management & Discovery
  • Report Management
  • Records Management
  • Collaboration
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