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Our experience has shown that successful content management solutions and projects start with an agreement by all stakeholders of the end game – that is, the expected outcome. Whether the impetus for a project is based on business, technology, financial or legal mandates, IntegrityFirst Solutions is committed to identifying those requirements and gaining an agreement on what will determine success prior to implementing a solution or beginning a project. This “results-based” discipline, combined with a project methodology that promotes clear and open two-way communications helps to ensure the success of the projects that we perform for our customers.

By adhering to this approach, IntegrityFirst Solutions continues to grow its portfolio of successful projects and satisfied customers. From first-time deployments of ECM solutions to upgrades and enhancements of existing systems, IntegrityFirst Solutions has established a track record of successful projects and long-term relationships with our customers across a broad range of industries.

Below are just some of the services offerings that follow the project approach described above, which IntegrityFirst Solutions can provide to your organization.

  • Solution Design
  • New System Implementation
  • System Upgrade
  • System Migration
  • Application Development and Integration
  • Training/Skills Transfer
  • On-Going Support

Solution Design
Oftentimes, the first step to implementing a successful ECM solution or technology is to identify and document business and technical requirements. This disciplined approach ensures that all stakeholders are engaged in the discovery process and that all requirements are uncovered, validated, prioritized and incorporated into the solution design. The result of this engagement is typically a detailed solution design document that provides an “implementation roadmap” including tasks, estimated time and costs for a successful implementation.

In addition to ensuring a complete and accurate solution design, this discovery process optimizes the subsequent implementation effort and costs, and facilitates user buy-in and acceptance of the final solution.

New System Implementation
Successful ECM installations require an understanding and experience with all aspects of implementing a new solution – from planning and design, to integration and installation, through training and support. IntegrityFirst Solutions consultants have implemented new systems across virtually the entire IBM portfolio of ECM offerings and understand what is required to successfully install and implement a new ECM solution that meets your organization’s business and technical requirements.

System Upgrade
Maintaining the “currency” of ECM or Email systems offers many advantages – including new functions, improved performance, compatibility with other systems and access to software support. IntegrityFirst Solutions has products that facilitate the efficient upgrade of various IBM and FileNet products and related data. These tools combined with experienced consultants who have performed version/release upgrades on a wide range of IBM and FileNet products (including FileNet P8 V 4.5.X system) helps ensure successful upgrades with minimal impact on users or I/T operations.

For many upgrades, a pre-requisite discovery effort may be helpful in identifying the specifics of the system to be upgraded and the overall technical environment, and providing a technical “roadmap” of upgrade tasks, time estimates and projected costs.

System Migration
The thought of migrating or moving from one ECM or Email system to another is oftentimes fraught with Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. IntegrityFirst Solutions consultants have experience successfully migrating to a variety of IBM ECM and Email systems including:

  • Optika to IBM CM for z/OS
  • AWD to IBM CM
  • IBM CM for iSeries to IBM CM
  • IBM FileNet Image Services to IBM FileNet P8
  • IBM FileNet Content Services to IBM FileNet P8
  • Lotus Notes to Exchange/Outlook
  • Exchange/Outlook to Lotus Notes

For many migration projects, a pre-requisite discovery effort can identify technical and business issues and considerations that should be factored into the migration effort and incorporated into the project plan. Document/Email types and volumes, annotations, import/export throughput, CPU capacity, storage requirements and user impact are examples of some of the issues that should be considered and incorporated into a migration “roadmap” of tasks.

With access to proven migration tools and frameworks, combined with thorough planning, a well-conceived project plan and effective project management, IntegrityFirst Solutions can remove much of the “FUD” oftentimes associated with these types of projects and produce a successful migration effort.

Application Development and Integration
Most content management systems are purchased to solve specific business problems or address business needs. Oftentimes, this requires that applications be developed and integrated into ECM products – which transform “technology” into “business solutions” that provide value to an organization. IntegrityFirst Solutions provides a full range of application development and integration services – including solution design and development, testing, implementation and integration as well as providing on-going support.

Training/Skills Transfer
In order to maximize the value of an Enterprise Content Management or Email system, users must understand its capabilities and be comfortable with its use, and the technical team must understand how to administer and manage the system. IntegrityFirst Solutions provides user training and technical skills transfer across a wide range of IBM ECM and FileNet technologies, and Email systems. Curriculum and documentation can be tailored to the audience and the objectives of the education, and can be conducted on-site or remotely via Web conference technologies.

On-Going Support
Whether an organization is seeking post-project support following a new ECM system implementation or has just completed a recent upgrade/migration, IntegrityFirst Solutions can help. We provide a wide range of on-going technical support services for IBM’s portfolio of ECM and FileNet technologies, along with various Email and document capture systems. These services, which can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization, can complement in-house support skills, reduce education costs or provide an alternative to hiring additional technical resources for a specific support need.

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