Our Values

IntegrityFirst Solutions is built on a core set of values that define who we are as a business. They guide us in how we build and maintain relationships, deliver our services and operate our business. Our first, overriding principle is reflected in our name, IntegrityFirst. Our goal is to always act with integrity in all that we do – whether we are meeting with a customer for the first time, delivering a proposal, negotiating a contract or performing services. Simply put - to only promise what we can deliver and to deliver what we promise.

Enduring Relationships
Our experience has shown that most organizations want a consulting services “partner” who not only produces project results, but whose actions are also guided by a longer-term view of the relationship. IntegrityFirst Solutions strives to build partnerships that deliver on specific projects and that also support and strengthen enduring relationships with our customers.

Win-Win Outcomes
Successful long-term business relationships should enable both sides to benefit or “win”. Our goal with each customer and project is to create an outcome that produces the expected results and is mutually beneficial.

Open Communications
Successful projects and healthy relationships are based on clear and open two-way communications. Whether it’s defining a customer’s specific project expectations and objectives, creating a clear and concise Statement of Work or providing timely feedback on the progress of a project, we strive to create situations that enable candid, on-going communications with our customers.

Technical Competence
The heart of IntegrityFirst Solutions is our technical competence. We are committed to ensuring that our consultants are true technical experts who have the training, expertise and temperament to achieve success in each project. For more information about the breadth and depth of our technical skills, go to Skills.

Our objective is to act professionally and responsibly at all times – with our customers, partners and colleagues. While our technical competence determines what services we deliver, our professionalism determines how we deliver those services. These standards define who we are as a company, facilitate success in the projects that we engage and add value to our business relationships.

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